Stop Fooling Yourself!

By Tomas-Antonio Rodrigues – Providence, Rhode Island

I was born only a couple days after April Fools day, and man did I live up to that. I have acted a fool, done foolish things, fooled others and most often; fooled myself. I tricked myself into believing that being the fat funny kid was just who I was, and it was easier to just embrace the role than to work to transcend it. I fooled myself when I let myself believe the justifications I made that I will “start my diet and going back to the gym Monday” more than my hands and feet could count.

Do you fool yourself? Do you tell yourself that losing weight just isn’t for you? Maybe, you are fooling yourself with the most common excuse we give ourselves to be less than we are capable of. We don’t have time. I can give you the answer you should tell to that fool inside of your head each time you hear it; “I don’t find time to take the steps necessary, I MAKE the time; simply by prioritizing it.

Don’t fool yourself my friends; you can do whatever you set your mind to. We see it all the time, people losing hundreds of pounds in a year just by truly prioritizing their health needs over their instant gratification wants. They simply stopped fooling themselves.

Usually it is hard to “un-fool” yourself, especially if you are surrounded by “fools.” However, being a “fool” doesn’t mean you are unintelligent, or inferior in any way. It simply means you are like many people in this world today who have been forced by circumstance to have to keep their focus on material gain to acquire that secure feeling so you cannot divert that energy to self-actualization.

Once we can break out of this chain we have no limits that can stop us; and since this economy is flaky it is better to learn to live simply than to rely on a consistent steam of money coming your way. Don’t think you can live more simply? Then you are still just fooling yourself.

Nobody has to be the “fat one” of the group, a healthy life in a body you can be happy with is attainable to each and every person. I know this because I have been on the side of the fool, and that voice can be persuasive. But each time you make a health enhancing choice when given the option you start to change that voice. Until that fool becomes wise to the unlimited potential you have within you.

Are you ready to stop fooling yourself and be all you can be? It starts right now, put your health and happiness first; you deserve it.

Tomas-Antonio Rodrigues has been an ACE certified personal trainer for about 2 years now and runs a blog on his website

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