Taking the Leap

by Dr. Kate Siner

Donald Trump has failed as many times as he has succeeded when it comes to his business ventures.  Ultimately, he has become a person famous for his enterprise and his wealth. While I cannot claim to be enamored with his personality or his hair, I think he illustrates a very powerful point:

The greatness of your life and your work depend on you being willing to take risks.

You have very likely heard the expression “bold action gets bold results.” And, well, it does! But if it does, then what scares us so much about taking that next bold move? The plain fact is that the results of our bold actions are bold for sure, but not always positive. A certain amount of the time we are going to fail.

If it was a guarantee, then it wouldn’t be a risk, right?

Somewhere along the way, many of us learned that failing is bad. Maybe it is our grading system. Where else in the course of life is the goal 100%? For example, what if soccer players got 100% of their attempted goals? We don’t even consider this. Under these conditions, getting a chance at the goal is seen as an accomplishment.

Embracing failure as a likely outcome and being willing to learn from it and make adjustments is the cornerstone of success. Perhaps this is why so many successful entrepreneurs were C students.

Ok, so if you know that taking risks and even failing might be in your best interest, how do you get yourself to take action when you are on the edge, gearing up to take that major leap to create the life, love, work that you really want to create?  How do you get yourself to “take the leap”?

In my upcoming book, Apathy is Noxious, I talk about how in order to move out of inertia, you need to intensify the discomfort of staying the way that you are. In other words, shift your attention to what you will lose if you DON’T take the leap.  This is one approach.

Another approach is to adjust your perception of what “good” results are. What if, instead of success and failure, you looked at the outcome of your bold action as valuable information that is letting you know how to make your next bold move?  From this perspective, there is no such thing as failure because everything is teaching you how to make your life better. It is all just fuel for a better you.

*A footnote for those of you who leap before you look. LOOK. Taking risks requires reviewing the situation and taking educated risks.

Psychologist, speaker, author and educator, Dr. Kate has been called a true visionary who advocates for a much-needed shift in the world today. She has dedicated her career to helping people find and develop their own fulfillment and success by connecting to their true selves and taking powerful action. Dr. Kate holds a PhD in Psychology from Saybrook University and has provided world-class training in entrepreneurial and personal development for more than a decade.  Her business, Dr. Kate Inc., provides mentoring, retreats, virtual classes and more to help highly motivated individuals change the world for the better by transforming themselves.


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