Taking It to the Streets

By Katie Moulton – Providence, RI

Adding a running program to your workout regime can not only be rewarding, but if done correctly, a lot of fun.  When just starting out, here are some points to consider which will help you get the most out of your runs.

  • Start where you feel comfortable

Starting out by combining running and walking may be the best way to start if you have never run before or are just starting back after a long period of time off. Each workout is not a race; don’t be focused on time, and seek improvement over a longer horizon. Building strength in your running requires patience. Believe in the fact that commitment to a program will make you stronger over time.

  •  Make a plan and stick to it.  Staying consistent is key!

Trying to do too much too quickly can lead to injuries and frustration.  Slowly increase the pace and distance of your runs, but try not to do both at the same time. Gradually build up your strength and speed. If you are planning to run a 5k, you should give yourself at least 6-8 weeks to prepare. Staying consistent with your running is very important and will be the key to your success.

  • Listen to your body but push yourself

Some aches and pains are normal when just starting a new exercise routine, so do not let this scare you from continuing. Just be smart and listen to your body. If something does not feel right, you may need to change something in your routine, you may not be wearing the right type of shoes, or you may just need a little time off. There are some great tools out there to help in preventing injury.

  • Days off from running are just as important as the days you run.

Don’t be afraid to take days off. Try to plan them the best you can.  Cross training is a great way to take a day off of running without taking a day off from exercising, and it is also a great way to build strength. Some great options include spinning, boot camps, yoga and Pilates.

    *Come check out all of the great class options at CORE-Center of Real Energy Fitness & Pilates Studio, 469 Angell Street, Providence, RI 02906 www.corefitprov.com (401) 273-2673

  • Wearing the Right Shoes & Gear

Gait Analysis and Pronation: The way your foot strikes the ground differs from person to person, and different types of shoes are better for the way someone’s foot pronates when they run. Going to a running specialty store is a good idea. There they can help you to find a shoe that will work best for the type of runner you are.

Gear: Wearing fabrics that will help to wick away moisture from your body are the best. These fabrics will help to lessen chaffing, blisters, etc.

Also, if you run a lot in the dark, make sure that you have reflective gear (vest, arm bands, etc.) so that cars can see you!

*Rhode Runner, 657 North Main Street, Providence, RI– Great running specialty shop close by with professionals who can help you get started or suggest gear that can address your needs and goals!

  • Hydration and Replenishment 

Hydration and electrolyte replenishment are important no matter what time of year it is. Make sure that you are drinking plenty of fluids, especially during longer runs and workouts. This is very important when you are done with a run as well.

Ex. Fuel Belt (hydration), Electrolyte drinks (ex. Nuun), gels (GU), chews (GU Chomps)

  • Injury Prevention

Injuries happen, but it is what you do about it that can prevent an ache from becoming a serious injury. Some common injuries are shin splints (feel soreness right along your shin bone), sore and tight leg muscles, knee pain, etc.

Ex. Foam Roller, Ice Cups

  • And most importantly….Have a goal and go for it! 

Katie Moulton, Running Coach at Core-Center of Real Energy Fitness & Pilates Studio in Providence, RI.  She holds an Outdoor Running Clinic every Tuesday and Friday morning from 5:45-6:45 and is also available for private sessions. Katie is also the Assistant Indoor and Outdoor Track Coach at Chariho High School and continues to run competitively herself. In 2013, she won both the Cox Marathon (Providence, RI) and the Cape Cod Marathon, the 1st two marathons she competed in.

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