The Magic Pill-Get Real!

Danielle Rogers – Bristol, RI

I promise you this, long term health & fitness is not and never will be found in a pill or a shake! 

After over a decade of personal training hundreds of clients and teaching numerous students in group exercise classes, I can tell you that there is one difference I notice between those who succeed at finding their happy place and those who continuously ride the diet fad rollercoaster.  The difference is a long-term commitment to a real lifestyle change in their eating habits.

 It always starts like this, “So….I was reading a magazine article about this new Moroccan Dessert Cleanse I was thinking of trying.”  There’s a long pause from me and I try, really hard to hide my contempt for these crazy over the top diet trends; but for those who know me they see right through the smile and know exactly what I really think.  I do not buy into and never will believe in any quick fix, shake, pill, belt wrap, weight loss lotion, baby food diet, cleanse, or eye cream that helps you melt fat and inches off your body and will change your life forever!  Not gonna’ happen.  Or I should say it’s going to happen for about a hot minute and then in 6-8 weeks time the magic spell goes POOF and every pound has reappeared plus the extra 5 pounds the body was craving post starvation mode. 

 Just eat real food!  When you go to reach for a snack or prepare dinner think to yourself, “What nutrients does this item have to help my body thrive? How is this food choice going to help me get through my day or even take away from it?” For clients who are seriously struggling with their eating, I suggest meeting with a good registered dietitian who can start changing your habits and provide you with new habits that lead to lasting change. 

 It’s not to say that protein shakes and supplements aren’t a good addition to an already healthy mode of eating, it just can’t be the be all and end all.  Adding a whey protein shake and some vitamins to a diet doesn’t undo the damage caused by overeating at night, skipping meals, and not understanding how to meal plan for the rest of your week.  

 Take all the time and money you have spent over the years on fads and gimmicks and start spending that time on meal planning.  Pick one of your days off and spend 30 minutes mapping out your game plan for the week.  Start looking online at the thousands of  lifestyle blogs like or and get creative with your food choices and ingredients for the week.  Need some really good ideas on a budget?  Check out a meal planning website like .  This sites plans out your menus for the week and provides you with shopping lists of fresh food you can buy at the grocery store. Talk about no excuses.  Where there’s a will to change there’s a real way to create healthy habits and long- term change that will help you find your happy place when it comes to your health and fitness goals.

 Danielle Rogers, Owner of Fitness Fusion in Bristol, RI


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