There a New Doctor in Town

WICKFORD, RI – Mark Turshen, MD is joining Direct Doctors in Wickford, RI as of July 6. Mark is a life-long New Englander, originally from Stamford, CT. After graduating from Gettysburg College, he returned to New England working as a health care consultant, where he eventually realized that his true calling was to practice one-on-one medicine, which led him to enroll at Tufts University School of Medicine. It was here that Mark discovered his passion for Family and Sports Medicine, as well as Pediatrics.

Mark is excited to be accepting new patients with Direct Doctors. Their innovative approach and dedication to simple, smart, and low- cost health care perfectly matches his own commitment to affordable, patient-centered medicine. When he’s not working hard, he’s usually with his wife, daughter, baby boy, and dogs, trying different restaurants or enjoying various sporting activities in Rhode Island.

Direct Doctors, located at 320 Phillips St., Wickford, RI offers surprisingly affordable 24/7 access to their services, either in their office or at your home. They will coordinate with your established specialists to ensure total continuity of medical care. If you are frustrated with “fast-food”, “cookie-cutter” health care, Direct Doctors may be just the prescription for you.

You can contact Dr. Turshen at 401.400.2699,

or email ([email protected]).

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