When Thinking About Your Fitness – Think About Baking a Cake!

by: LaRue Cook

Think About Baking A Cake 

Yes, I said “baking a cake!” So what exactly does baking a cake have to do with your fitness? Well, too often when I get to talk to new or prospective clients about improving their overall fitness by beginning an exercise routine, they make an all-too-common assumption. They assume that I am referring to adding only cardiovascular exercise such as walking, jogging or some other type of aerobic exercise to their daily routine. The truth is that by adding cardiovascular exercise to your daily routine you will certainly help improve your heart health and perhaps weight in the process. That’s great! But, it is equally true that the road to overall fitness is paved with a multi-faceted approach! While there’s no doubt that cardiovascular fitness is one important element of “being fit,” the truth is that it is only one of the important components of fitness!

So, here’s where I get into my baking a cake analogy. Like any good baker knows, the secret to a truly good cake is in making sure that ALL of the necessary ingredients are included in the recipe. And while I’m a fairly good cook, but not necessarily a baker, I do know and understand that if I only included flour and milk, I would not have a very good cake, or any cake at all. Just as a good recipe for cake requires all of the necessary ingredients, a good recipe for Total Fitness requires ALL of the necessary ingredients (muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, body composition – aka – the ratio of lean mass to body fat in the body, and “yes,” cardiovascular conditioning. These are the ingredients to total fitness!

So, the next time you’re thinking about getting in shape – whether as part of a New Year’s eve resolution, part of a Summer bikini push, or better yet, as part of an overall strategy to improve your health and wellness, think about baking that cake and make sure that you’re including ALL of the necessary ingredients to a successful fitness program and workout. You’ll end up with a ‘cake’ that not only can improve your cardiovascular health, but also helps you to improve your fitness and health in all of the categories necessary to overall fitness.


LaRue is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Certified Sports Performance and Injury Prevention Trainer, and a Post-Rehab Trainer who has worked with clients of all ages, both athletes and non-athletes. He has written dozens of published articles on Exercise Science, General Fitness, Sports Performance and Injury Prevention. LaRue provides both in-person and online training services to his clients. He can be reached by email at: [email protected]


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