Tips for Planning a Hike with Kids

Planning a hike in Rhode Island is the perfect place to begin your hiking journey. There are some great spots that are small enough for the whole family to enjoy. Here are a few tips when hiking with children:


  • Bring plenty of snacks including nuts, string cheese, or

dried fruits.

  • Bring plenty of water.
  • Always have a first-aid kit on hand that is fully equipped

with bandaids and bug-bite relief.

  • Keep your first hike fairly short to test out their interest in

being in the woods.


When going hiking, call it an adventure. By telling your children you are going on an adventure they are more likely to be interested in the next few hours in the woods. Make the adventure exciting; find treasures, create a search for certain animals or bugs, find a swimming hole, or even be on the look-out to find the best picnic area. Knowing the history of area is also helpful to retain their interest. Involving your children in the process will make it more interesting to them then simply going for a walk in the woods.

Choose a spot that has water features or a view. Knowing that there is something more exciting up ahead may intrigue children more than if they are simply seeing trees that whole time. Refer to the Rhode Island Hike Guide*


Let your children set the pace, make frequent stops and enjoy the woods surrounding you. Remember that journey is the destination, teaching your children to stay in the moment will teach them a valuable lesson on remaining present

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