Tips To Improve Memory For Healthy Aging

We’ve all misplaced our car keys, blanked on an acquaintance’s name, or forgotten an important phone number. When we’re young, we don’t tend to pay much mind to these lapses, but as we grow older, sometimes we worry about what they mean, as well as the long term consequences that might follow. While it’s true that certain brain changes are inevitable when it comes to aging, major memory problems are not one of them. To avoid the concerns over major memory loss, you should attempt to test your brain.

Here are a few simple steps you can take that may help sharpen your memory.

1. Eat a healthy diet including plenty of vegetables, whole grains and fruits. Protein (low fat) such as fish and lean meats are very good for you. Don’t forget to drink water too. Not enough water can lead to confusion and memory loss.

2. Challenge your brain. Mentally stimulating activities are a great way to sharpen your brain. Take music lessons, take different routes when you are driving, read a book, do crossword and word search puzzles.

3. Socializing could help ward off stress and depression. Take a walk with a friend or loved one, participate in group activities or volunteer your time.

4. Diet could also improve your brain health. Vitamin D (milk, egg yolks, fish and milk,) High Omega 3 fatty acids (salmon and sardines, flax seeds, tofu, kiwi, walnuts and avocado,) High Anti-oxidants (berries, broccoli, spinach, beans, apples, prunes and plums.)

5. Exercise, even briefly for 20 minutes a day. Exercise will increase your heart rate which will pump more oxygen to your brain.

6. Don’t forget to get adequate rest. Avoid large meals before bedtime. Consistency helps too. Try to go to bed the same time each night and get up the same time each morning. Make sure your bedroom is dark, relaxing, quiet and at the right temperature, not to hot or cold. You should seek help for memory loss if it affects your ability to finish your usual daily activities. Consult with your doctor.

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