Unleash Your Potential with Pilates

by Mora Babineau and Elizabeth Keefe, Barrington, RI

To quote the master of Pilates himself, Joseph Pilates said, “physical fitness is the first requisite to happiness.”  Joseph Pilates believed that working to develop a sound body was the basis for developing a sound mind, having the two working harmoniously together.  We all feel better when we are healthy, looking better, and taking care of ourselves.  Change your body, change your life.

We believe that you can change your body with Pilates. Pilates has numerous benefits, and we believe that Pilates should be everyone’s foundation in life and in their exercise regime. In order to have a strong house, your foundation needs to be strong. Pilates creates a strong foundation for life and for other exercise programs with the following benefits: a refreshing mind-body workout, developing a strong core, gaining long, lean, and flexible muscles, creating symmetry in your body by evenly conditioning your muscle groups, and by improving overall physical performance and injury prevention, just to name a few. (We could go on and on!)

Looking to change your body and your life? Add Pilates! Here are the Three Pillars of a Successful Pilates Program:

1) Pilates Is a Group of Direct and Precise Exercises: Why does Pilates work? Pilates is an efficient exercise program that works the entire body.  Whether you are doing mat work, standing work or working on the equipment, Pilates exercises use the body in a direct and precise way. Each movement is specific and purposeful, executed with precision and control for maximum usage of your muscles.   Precision is even one of the guiding Pilates principles, put into place by Joseph Pilates himself.

2) Consistency is Key: Consistency in Pilates equals results like anything else in life. To be committed to a Pilates program we recommend that you participate in a minimum of three sessions (mat classes or equipment sessions) per week. Each session is designed to gain maximum results by working the body uniformly; you will get a full body workout in your Pilates sessions. The repetition of exercises allows you to create a strong and reliable framework to build upon, elongate, and strengthen.

3) Core Training: Core training and strengthening is a part of every session. When most clients ask us how Pilates differs from other forms of exercise, our simplest answer is that in Pilates, your body is trained to move from your core. Whether you are shoveling snow or lifting groceries out of your car, you should be moving from your core to support the rest of your body (and prevent injuries.) The foundation of your house must be strong in order to have a strong house! By focusing on core training, the extremities can function with more ease and proper range of motion.

We hope to see you participating in a Pilates class soon! Pilates, for EVERYbody.

Mora Babineau and Elizabeth Keefe are the owners of Barrington Pilates and studio 47, Barrington, RI

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