Volume 2 Issue 11

Dear Readers,

It’s that time of year, the holiday season, which has approached must faster than I could have imagined. And as we bring you this issue featuring, dare we discuss the dreaded word: snow! I am reminded of what it felt like to be a little kid again, bubbling with excitement at the first sight of white flecks falling from the sky; full of eager spirit, dancing to the snow gods for a day off from school. I find that this issue is a sort of reminder as to how much fun winter can be: ice skating, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and creating moments with our loved ones. And unlike most New Englanders claim (it’s hard for me to imagine we all don’t feel this way), I still have that same glimmer of excitement when that first snow falls and each time after. I do admit, it is terribly hard to roll out of bed in the winter but we’ve equipped you with some great tips for outfitting properly in the winter whether you’re heading out for a morning run or you’re gearing up to hit the slopes. We’ve also included hearty, local foods to keep you healthy and fit and unique ways to de-stress while supporting local businesses during this crazy time of year.

During this holiday season, may you all take a moment to remember what it was like to find joy in little things like snow and also, to give beyond yourself in some way; which truly is the spirit of the holidays. Over the past 6 years, I have gathered with family and friends to deliver organic baskets for Thanksgiving to deserving families throughout the state. Last year, alongside a nonprofit called Delivering Hope, we delivered to 100 families! Although this year did not allow me the time or resources to deliver 100 baskets, I look forward to giving to a single family for the holidays. I may only impact a single family this year but if we all take part in helping in any way that we can it all adds up, which can go much further than you can imagine. You may even invoke spontaneous joy, much like that first glimpse of snow. So stay heathy, take the time to enjoy the snow and find spread some happiness this holiday season!






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