Volume 2 Issue 12

Dear Readers,

The holidays, as lovely as they can be, tend to make you override your ability to do what’s best for yourself. At the end of December you may realize, wow, I am completely out of sync. I think this is why some people are advocates for New Year’s Resolutions.

However, there are others who are strongly against setting resolutions. While I can understand their approach in that most resolutions are not entirely sustainable, I do not recommend becoming the “New Year’s Grinch”. Welcome and support the people around you who are attempting to do something for themselves. After all, this may be the only time where people think of themselves, even if it is short lived. On page 34, we cover Seven Common Mistakes When Setting New Year’s Goals to help make your goals more sustainable.

For myself, I tend to advocate for readjustments and setting goals throughout the entire year, instead of reserving them for one month. However, I welcome any moment where I can remove negativity from my life, accept mistakes made, and reflect on what I’ve learned from those mistakes. I also like to designate some time to access my gratitude for the great opportunities that happened over the past year. It like to think of it as ending a chapter and beginning a new one. On page 36 there are some useful tips to help you Clear out Your Life to declutter both mentally and physically.

It important to stay inspired regardless of your plan for the New Year. Each issue we showcase hard working individuals from the community to help you see that it is possible! For fitness inspiration, check out our local Fitness Enthusiast, Katie Evans and Fit over 50, Anna Skubiak. Either way I hope you all enjoy the holiday season and strive to make yourself better, whether is it new year-related or not.


Happy Holidays,


Amanda Repose

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