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Hello RI Fit Readers,

The 4th of July always acts as a reminder for me to embrace my gratitude as an American. This year my gratitude especially hit-home because my brother is many miles away in Japan for two years with the Air Force. He is growing and exploring and I admit, I was jealous when he told me he was hiking Mount Fuji in the next couple of weeks! In all seriousness, I think his exploration acts as a reminder for myself to continue to explore regardless of where I am. Taking myself out of my day-to-day routine and getting outside and out of my comfort zone is imperative. The summer provides such thriving energy, don’t catch yourself a week before September wishing you had taken advantage of the opportunity to grow.

Summertime is about sitting around a campfire and laughing with your family, enjoying new experiences like rock climbing, or taking your workouts to the next level by signing up for the numerous triathlons or road races that are ahead. Most importantly, summertime allows you the ability to restore healthy routines. This issue highlights some great tips on working out during this time of year as well as other exercises you can try out to keep cool while working out. The height of the growing season is also before us and in Rhode Island we are fortunate enough to have incredible farmers who offer ingredients that can clean up our diets and re-charge our energy. Visit a farmer’s market if you haven’t already; we’ve provided a Farmers Market Guide here in this issue.

Although some schedules do not allow enough time for you to check off everything on that summer bucket list, make sure you are actually allowing time for something! Find a mini-adventure to embark on, challenge your health in some way and never stop exploring amidst however busy your life may get. We are incredibly fortunate to live in a place that allows us to do so!


Amanda Repose

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