VP Fitness Announces New Location

PROVIDENCE, RI – Downtown Providence is muscle-ing up.

In the coming weeks, VP Fitness, a new 13,000 sq. ft. boutique fitness and health club will join the ranks of new businesses that are boosting the economy and bringing a vitality and optimism to Downtown Providence. Located at 10 Dorrance Street, VP Fitness promises to set the bar in the health and fitness arena – and to fill the need for a workout and training center for the multitude of businesses and residents who call downtown their turf.

Joseph Depena, an award-winning, top Master Trainer for Boston Sports Club, where he was once an employee, is the owner of VP Fitness. He has entered into the downtown market after having operated a highly successful and extremely popular health club at the Providence Downtown Marriott Hotel on Orms Street since December 2011. In less than three years, membership had increased to a point where he knew he needed to expand. “We were outgrowing the Marriott and I wanted to find a space where I could create a truly unique experience for my clients,” said Mr. Depena. He continued, “When news reached me that 10 Dorrance Street was available, I immediately delegated all of my resources to acquire it.”

The concept for VP Fitness is unique. The club will offer a robust and full spectrum of classes, workout machines and stations, including yoga and Pilates, ViPR, boxing, spinning, ABS, boot camp, Zoomba, women’s strength and TRX. Trainers will focus on total body integration. VP Fitness will also offer amenities not typically available in other clubs, such as sauna, massage, a “drop-off” dry cleaning/laundry, “grab and go” snacks, a natural juice bar, an espresso bar (with a barista), free towels, a lounge area with free WiFi. These “extras” will distinguish the new VP Fitness and place it in a category of its own, beyond the competition. Trainers will offer individualized regimens for clients, to accommodate people with busy lifestyles and full schedules.

Joseph Depena is a first generation Latino, born and bred in Providence. As a result, he has a strong commitment to doing his part to grow and stabilize the economy here. He said, “I’m a Rhode Islander and I’m committed to investing locally. I’m thrilled to be joining the hundreds of other businesses that are at the forefront of downtown Providence’s exciting new era.”

For Joe, this venture is the culmination of his career – as an entrepreneur, businessman, and the number one fitness coach in the area. His mother died young, caused in large part to obesity. Out of this family history grew a passion to change his own habits. Over the five years he worked for Town Sports International, he won top awards as the number one regional performer and business driver of the year. There, he built a loyal following and by 2011, was ready to open the first VP Fitness club at The Marriott. His singular flair and passion combined with a proven track record at helping people achieve a healthy lifestyle have made for this continued success.

VP Fitness is the only club in the area to offer ViPR, a program that bridges the gap between movement and strength training. ViPR (Vitality, Performance and Reconditioning — pronounced ‘viper’) has been described as “a Swiss Army knife of exercise gadgets.” A little over three feet high and made of rubber, the ViPR is available in seven weights from 8-44 pounds and is suitable for all ages and abilities. It can be lifted in the air to tone arms, swung to work out the sides and while burning calories it also builds muscle. Blending traditional weight training and functional training methods, ViPR has been used by Olympians, professional athletes, and law enforcement to rapidly improve both agility and strength. The program was created by Michol Dalcourt after observing the way farm kids seemed stronger in sport than kids who had grown up in cities and only trained in gyms. The difference in their strength was simple – the farm kids were moving while carrying weight on the farms as they did their chores. Depena said, “Dalcourt observed that city kids mostly trained in a linear fashion, and did not incorporate much three-dimensional movement into their gym-based routines.” He continued, “ViPR offers the missing link. We see the program as a special attraction for our clients on their journey to achieve a healthy lifestyle and we’re proud to offer it.”

To create an additional ambience, Depena hired the internationally renowned fitness club design firm, Cuoco Black, which has won awards for its designs of clubs in New York City, Florida, and Ohio and Thailand. Features will include a two-story chandelier, color block walls, spinning and Pilates studios with state-of-the-art audio equipment, comfortable “living room” seating in the lounge area, and more.

VP Fitness trainers have success stories of their own. People often do a “double-take” when they see Stephanie Peltier wearing VP Fitness workout gear rather than a business suit. For ten years, she was an active and successful paralegal who often appeared in court. After giving birth to her daughter she hit a point where she felt she had to do something to get back in shape. She met Joseph Depena where he was a trainer and gave him her entire Christmas bonus, telling him to “do what you can – anything!” She not only lost all the weight she wanted, but developed a passion for the healthy lifestyle Joe had prescribed for her. Five years later, with a training certification from the National Federation of Professional Trainers under her arm, she has become VP Fitness’ Operations Manager of VP Fitness.

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