Weekend Warrior: Nicholas Santilli

City/Town of Residence: Coventry, R.I.

Age: 23

Occupation: Personal Trainer/Security Dispatcher

Your sport of fitness activity: WBFF Fitness Model, Spartan Race, Tough Mudder

Recent events you have competed in: WBFF Fitness Atlantic, CT Spartan Race

Events you are training for: WBFF Fitness Model Competition in November, Providence R.I

What is your proudest fitness accomplishment?: Back in April I competed in the WBFF Fitness Atlantic in CT and it was incredible experience. You meet so many good people that are all interested in the same thing you are. You are friends back stage but on stage get your game face on cause it’s on.

What motivates you?:Knowing there is always someone bigger faster and stronger somewhere.

Best local eats: Fire and Ice

Famous person you would like to have dinner with: Adam Sandler

What’s on your nightstand?: Water, phone, Police books

Favorite cheat meal/snack: Wings

What do you like to do in your down time?: Run Obstacle Course Races

Best thing about living in RI: The best thing about living in R.I is that its a 20 minute ride to the beaches and pretty much anywhere else in the state, and Iggy’s, Dell’s, and Coffee Milk

One thing people don’t know about you: Right out of high school took a trip with 5 guys to ride cross country on motorcycles.

Favorite quote: Go after it, give it all you have, if you lose at least you tried. I failed is 10 times more remand than if someone said what if, cause what if never stepped on stage never went to the arena. -Greg Plitt

Fitness tip for RI Fit Readers: If you are ever thinking about competing, running a race or anything don’t think about it just do it because that’s where you will get your start. From there you get a base line and see you’re competition and you can only go up from there. Who cares what people say keep training hard.

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