Weekend Warriors: Snow Powers

City/Town of Residence: Cumberland, RI

Age: 25

Occupation: Visual Arts High School Teacher

Family: Most of them actually reside on the west coast (Oregon and California)

Your sport or fitness activity: Olympic weightlifting, Crossfit, I used to do triathlons (Halfs & Ironmans) a couple years ago.

Recent events you have competed in: America Open Weightlifting Championships in Dallas, TX (finished 6th), finished 1st place in the Rhode Rage Crossfit Garage Games series, got my Spartan trifecta medal with three recent Spartan races. I did an ironman in 2012.

Events you are training for: National Championships (weightlifting) in Salt Lake City, UT Jul 17-20th, Crossfit Opens (late February). Atlantic States Open (weightlifting)

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