Weight Loss Story: Richie Kearns

Richie Kearns is at a loss to explain the benefits of working with a personal trainer – a loss of more than 120 pounds. And include his wife, Sherry, and you can make that160 pounds.

The parents of three grown children, they have combined their strong personal motivation with the discipline and encouragement of the personal trainers at Fitness Together in Lincoln, RI to find a healthier and less stressful lifestyle.

“It’s changed our lives,” Richie says. “All for the better. We’re healthier, more energized, upbeat, and happy.”

They have found a balance of reducing stress, supporting one another, and the education, guidance and encouragement of trainers who, Richie says, “let you set your goals and help you get to them.

“It’s a partnership,” he says. “You become partners with them.”

“If you’re determined to reach your goals, it’s pretty simple,” says Matthew Gagliano, owner of Fitness Together studios in Lincoln and Barrington, RI.

For the Kearns there were weighty decisions that started them toward a healthier lifestyle.

Richie was working as a custom cabinet maker by day, and with his wife was also working at the franchise sandwich shop they had purchased in the summer of 2013.

The temptations were everywhere, Richie says. Bake a dozen cookies, eat one and sell the other 11.

A former athlete, who played hockey and football, Riche’s weight soared to 345 pounds.

“We were so tired from the sandwich shop we went home, and were eating lots of cheeseburgers,” Sherry says.

Then came the decision – maybe their most important – to sell the sandwich shop, a process in which they are currently engaged. The stress level plummeted and they began a weight loss program.

Richie was down to 285, but hit a plateau. Sherry had previously trained at Fitness Together in Lincoln, so they decided to go together, and see if a personal training could make a difference.

Combining Fitness Together’s diverse training and nutrition programs, the weight loss resumed.

Now, instead of cheeseburgers, it’s fish twice a week and chicken three to four times a week.

“They (the trainers at Fitness Together) greet you with a smile, ask you how you’re doing,” Richie says. “They want your workout to be good.”

There are the occasional field trips to places like the local Farmers Market, where Fitness Together trainers educate clients about making the right nutritional decisions.

There’s the variety of training, from free weights to cardio, and working with multiple trainers, learning different approaches to similar exercises.

And the journal, a key ingredient in tracking what you eat.

“They follow the program,” Gagliano says. “They follow it in the journal. There’s nothing they could sneak in – if they are honest. We keep pushing, revising goals, getting them to exactly where they want to be.”

“This has been a great overall experience,” Richie says. “You have to want it yourself. You need to do it for yourself…it’s turned me into a much better person.”

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