Yoga Classes You'll Want to Try

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Stretch + Breathe—This gentle class focuses on lengthening, breathing and unwinding. Move toward a balance of feeling more grounded and simultaneously lightened up. All levels are welcome.

Yin Yoga—Most yoga practices stimulate heat and exercise the surface of the major muscle groups. Yin Yoga is the compliment, providing simple poses held for a longer period of time, impacting the tissues and muscles at a deeper level while stimulating coolness. The perfect complement and balance to more active yoga practices, you may find this class one of the most challenging but also one of the most relaxing. All are welcome.

Heated Vinyasa Flow—This dynamic, flowing yoga class connects movement with breath and leads you through a series of postures that will strengthen and build flexibility and endurance, bringing you to a place of deep inner calm. This class is done in a heated room, encouraging greater flexibility and detoxification. Yoga experience is necessary and students are asked to bring a towel, mat and water.

Restorative—Restorative uses blankets, bolsters, and pillows to completely support the body in basic yoga postures. Through these supported positions, the organs and glands are saturated with a fresh supply of blood, leading to renewal and revitalization. Restorative Yoga soothes the nervous system, and enhances the immune system. This class will enhance a vigorous practice and is also perfect for beginners as well as those with injuries.

Basic—Ideal for beginners and those looking to reconnect with the foundations of practice. Basic classes vary in style depending on the teacher. Typical classes include instruction in breathing, meditation and postures. All welcome!

About All That Matters Founded in 1995, All That Matters offers more than 130 weekly yoga and meditation classes—including workshops and professional trainings—at locations in Providence, East Greenwich and South Kingstown. The South Kingstown center includes a retail store as well as health services, ranging from acupuncture and chiropractic to massage and spa treatments. Voted Rhode Island’s Best many times, All That Matters makes it easy to embrace a healthy lifestyle. Learn more at

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